Thursday, March 31, 2016

Unity Angie GIRL release and more...

Unity Stamp Company had a fun Release last week.. 
check this out.. hahaha 
cutest set of stamps don't you think!! haha 

I also had an AngieGIRL release.. 
One of my favourite people in the whole world..
 my friend Vicki Boutin..
For a couple of years she has wanted me to make her an AngieGIRL stamp..
 I took my time perfecting her.. I wanted her to be as I saw her in person.
That amazing hair, her energy had to come through this stamp...
  finally.. I did it.. 
If anyone knows her you will know right away that this is her. 

here is VICKIgirl ...

Here are my other Angie Girls..




We also did some head shot girls.. I am excited to add these to the ANGIEgirl collection. 

Selfie GIRLS... 

finally QUINNgirl.. 

**just a note on my girls.. a lot of people are wondering .. Why no faces?? 
I will tell you, when I started making these girls 3 years ago I had some faces on them, but we decided they were better faceless so you can imagine the person you are thinking of with their faces in place of someone elses .  You can see the character of your loved one in what they are wearing, or the way they are standing.. It limits the imagination if I was to put a face on them, then it would be harder to see that special person. This was just our thinking for these girls.  **

Make sure you keep on hoppin'.. so many more wonderful projects to see.